How TCCVM Works for Clients

TCCVM provides access to voice mailboxes to social service and government agencies, which in turn distribute the voice mailboxes to their clients. For each phoneless client, the service provider activates a voice mailbox and provides the voice mail number and a private access code to retrieve messages.

Clients can then use the voice mailbox to receive messages while they work toward independence. When they no longer need them, the numbers are assigned to new clients who receive new access codes and record their own personal greetings.

Challenges presented by poverty, chronic unemployment, social isolation, limited education and homelessness are staggering. Self-sufficiency can be reached only when people--and the agencies serving them--have appropriate tools. A reliable and respectful means of communication is one of those indispensable tools. When phoneless clients have reliable means of communication, they can achieve more, faster.

TCCVM responds to the needs of clients, building self-esteem and enhancing opportunities for success. It also adds value to the services of helping agencies, giving them a way to reach clients and building on their strengths and professional expertise. TCCVM is respectful of clients. Callers never know that clients are using a free service.