What TCCVM Clients Say

"I use voice mail to make medical appointments and receive information like test results. It helps me stay in touch with my five kids and my social worker."

"Twin Cities Community Voice Mail makes me reliable. I get messages on time so I can be on time."

"Voice mail makes me feel good. I can stay in contact with my health worker and keep up with my medication. I'm safe and have no worries."

"I can't afford voice mail service, but TCCVM is free. People don't know it's a service. I can change the greeting any time and people don't know my situation."

"Once, my son was sick and daycare called to have me pick him up. Without voice mail, I wouldn't have known. I can't get calls at work."

"Twin Cities Community Voice Mail is confidential and keeps me safe. I never miss a call and I feel good about getting my messages. TCCVM helps protect me from my abuser."

"At the shelter, I don't get messages. But TCCVM is reliable and private. I get the messages from people I need to reach."