Thank You, Donors

The following organizations helped support TCCVM in 2008:

  • Alliance of the Streets

  • American Indian OIC

  • Hugh J. Andersen Foundation

  • The Beverly Foundation

  • City of Duluth

  • City of St. Paul Emergency Shelter Grant Program

  • Community Emergency Service

  • Dakota Woodlands, Inc.

  • Hennepin County

  • Imation Corporation

  • Initiative Foundation

  • Metro Hope Ministries

  • The Minneapolis Foundation

  • Minnesota Department of Human Services - Office of Economic Opportunity

  • MsNet Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

  • Nash Foundation

  • Ramsey County Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program

  • Resource, Inc - Employment Action Center

  • Resource, Inc. - Resource Recovery Center

  • Reuben Lindh Family Services

  • Unity Church Unitarian

  • Washington County

We appreciate individual donations through workplace giving programs through:

  • Community Shares

  • Thomson West Workplace Giving

  • United Way

  • Wells Fargo

We extend a special thanks to all of our many individual donors. We appreciate your continuing support of our work.

In addition, we would like to extend our deep appreciation to Kate Huebsch and the staff of High Point Creative, LLC for their continuing commitment to TCCVM. They have been generous with their time and talents since the founding of TCCVM by helping to creatively communicate with low income people without phones, our funders, participating agencies and organizations, and the community.