Family Focus

TCCVM is focused on family: providing communication opportunities helps families find success in both work and home life.TCCVM is an important link for our participants to keep in touch with their support system of family and friends.

We serve the poorest families in the Twin Cities and 44 Greater Minnesota communities through a network of more than 350 agencies and programs. Communications opportunities help families find success in both work and family life. And when low-income parents can support their families, their families often find ways to support them, too.

In 2009, many of TCCVM's 4,700 clients struggled to support their families. TCCVM helped to increase their chances for healthier, safer, more stable lives.

Twin Cities Community Voice Mail helps families become self-sufficient. They find jobs . . . places to live . . . reliable links for messages from social service and health care professionals, job counselors and legal advocates . . . safe ways to communicate with families and friends. They regain the security and hope that they had all too often lost.

Many challenges line the way to self-sufficiency. Lack of a phone should not be one of them.